Every Burger

Long time no blog, but check out this cute snack! Bourbon brand Every Burger!! These little burgers have a mild chocolate flavor and a crunchy biscuit shell. AND! They come in two flavors. I bought the original for a friend before, but I just found the black box!


Burger Boxes

So what’s the difference?? I think I’ll start with the packaging. The original Every Burger is bright red and playful, with a face and cute little hands and feet. The red box just says “Every Burger” while the dark box however, says “Adult Every Burger Black Cocoa.” The “adult” burger has just “a little bit of bittersweet adult flavor.” The regular burger is milk chocolate with a chocolate biscuit, the adult burger is vanilla/white chocolate with a cocoa biscuit.


Adult BurgerEvery Burger

To be honest, I don’t really like the taste of the regular Every Burger flavor. The “mild milk chocolate” inside is very good! I don’t like the biscuit though. The Adult Burger is perfect all around. The bittersweet cocoa biscuit is better than the crispy chocolate biscuit and the salty vanilla flavored white chocolate center is really yummy!


Burger Close Up

Honestly, the original Every Burgers are really cute! Look at them! If I was reviewing these solely on appearance, I would definitely vote for the original.


Every Burger Banner

If you like crispy, cute, and chocolate-y snacks, you should definitely give these a try! Then let me know, which one is your favorite?



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  • Janet says:

    Omg those little burgers were so cool!! If you send me a box of the adult burger, I’ll send you some South Florida goodies of your liking!

    • elexisking says:

      Right?! They’re super cute! Yeah, I can do that 🙂 There are some other snacks I saw that reminded me of you as well. Exchange time!

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