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I have had Super Lemon candy before, but recently my good friend told me about Super Soda! While I was at the store looking for it, I also came across the Umeboshi (dried plum) flavor. Needless to say, I bought all three!


Me Super Lemon

 I’ll start off with Super Lemon. This is by far one of my favorite candies. The packaging is so cool! When I saw this package, I really wanted it. The lemon taste reminds me of lemon juice! The first time I tried it, I was so surprised! It is actually sour. Honestly, I love the illustration style of these candies. On the back of each pack, there is a cool comic which pays homage to the Roy Lichtenstein style.


Super Soda

So, I gave Super Soda a try. It is great! The sourness of it reminded me first of the typical blue raspberry candy. However, as the outside powder dissolves, the taste reminds me of soda. Suddenly, two little holes open up and out comes this popping powder! It really is like, “Oh! Soda!” The lemon flavor does not have popping powder.

では、スーパーソーダを食べました。良いです!この味はブルーラスベリーのような味と思いました。でも、ソーダテイストパウダーの後、ソーダ味始まりました!突然に、しゅわしゅわパウダーは来ます!本当に “Oh! Soda!”気持ちありますね。レモン味はしゅわしゅわパウダーがありません。

Me Super Umeboshii

The dried plum flavor is also good. It is a little… salty? It is similar to Super Lemon because it also does not have any popping powder. It is kind of sour as well!


If you have not had this candy before, you should buy it, if not for the taste, for the cute packaging!



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