Splitting Gummy

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Delicious. Seriously, this candy is a lot of fun to eat and it’s got that yummy grape flavor that tastes the same no matter what Japanese candy you’re eating. Not to mention, they’re fun to play with.


There are similar candies to this one such as the Rips strawberry and apple licorice. The difference here is that these aren’t sour and they come individually packaged.



The packaging itself is really nice with the purple stripes over clear plastic with white and pink accents. There’s also instructions for how to open the package the right way. The outside of the bag is appetizing enough, but I really think the individual wrappers complete this one.



This candy is good for anyone who likes grape flavors. The texture of the candy is chewy, but not too hard, and the ridges make it fun to tear apart. I didn’t see any other flavors, but I imagine cherry would be nice.


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