Candy Sushi

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Luckily this one isn’t fish flavored. Like many of the other candy projects, it’s grape! I think of all the boxes I’ve tried so far, this one is the most fun to put together. This might be because I’m a huge fan of popping boba as a frozen yogurt topping and was really excited to make the little fish eggs (ikura), but either way, it’s great!

I think I need to establish some sort of scale for different elements of candy I think are the most important. I’ll discuss that in a later post.

This particular kit was more fun for a lot of reasons. I’ll start by talking about the difficulty level. The actual making of the food parts took a bit of extra care, but the plastic parts, the tray and the sheet, really add to the experience and don’t require any difficult cutting or assembly (see burger review).


The texture of this one… I’ll admit it was a little off-putting at first. The rice is really light and fluffy, but not in a rice way. It didn’t feel like food, but I guess that can be expected from something formed from powder and water. If you can get past that first initial texture shock, it’s actually really nice! The flavor is subtle, but noticeable and the ikura add a nice touch.

I guess my only complaint for this kit is that I wish they’d included two little gummy packets to make the seaweed wrapped type of sushi. Anyway, if you’ve got a little bit of time on your hands and appreciate the details, this kit will be fun for you!

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